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The Krauss Method



Our programs are designed on an individual basis incorporating our monitoring, evaluation and tutoring system to ensure total quality.


Krauss teachers are certified experts in teaching a second language (L2) and have extensive international teaching experience.

They come from all continents, joining together to attain greater understanding of the different accents and cultures to help create in our students a global vision of the world.


We use the KRAUSS Cognitive-Communication Approach ® designed by our language experts in our R & D department.


The Krauss Cognitive-Communicative Approach is a multi-dimensional focus that results in an integral development in all the aspects of a language: reading, writing, aural comprehension, oral expression and thinking directly in the subject language. The Krauss method uses a cognitive-communicative approach: students learn to think naturally in the subject language; i.e. they learn new knowledge directly in that language, without relying on their mother tongue. To make this possible, students’ topics of interest and goals are identified, so they can make immediate practical use of the language being learnt. Students approach current affairs, personal or work-related topics of interest that use language in real context (podcasts, newspapers, feature films or TV shows, etc.). In addition to developing creativity and public speaking skills through the preparation of presentations and role-plays (debates, etc.), the focus is placed on voice modulation, intonation and accent, which improve significantly in a fun environment. Vocabulary and structures come alive inside and outside the classroom, in adults’ daily routines, in children’s games and during leisure time.


The language level of new students is evaluated, identifying at the same time their personal characteristics, capacities and goals which will be fundamental in designing and imparting each course. The personalized teaching techniques are employed from the first day of classes so that the student not only learns the language, but also how to think in it naturally, making it fluid and spontaneous.

ONLINE Courses

Online courses are the most efficient and economical way for a busy person who wants to learn a new language. You can study anywhere there is an Internet connection and speak with a native teacher personally.

Alternatively, learn a new language in the company of professionals and students from all over the world: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many others!


Our system of courses taught remotely (via videoconference, video call or telephone call) provides you the necessary flexibility to be able to study languages live with a native teacher from any place simply by connecting to Internet or over the phone at the hour of your choosing. Our native teachers of all 40 languages offered will be ready to help you at any time, as a result of the flexibility provided by these remote platforms.


If you have a variable schedule, we offer assisted courses by Internet, in which a tutor assigns the student tasks to do on his own and reviews them weekly. The conversation portion of the course is scheduled on an ongoing basis as necessary.

New technology in the service of learning

At the same time you will have access to our technological platform so that you can develop your full range of communication capabilities in the target language.

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Learning face to face
Classes in person

Converse with a native teacher wherever you are!


Our students residing in Spain, Mexico, Canada and the US can apply for classes at home with a native teacher either individual or in groups of 2 to 5 students at the time of your choosing.


In Spain you can also take part in individual or group classes in specially equipped classrooms provided by KRAUSS LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS ®. Contact us.


Our in-company students located in Spain, Mexico, Canada and the US can apply for classes in their facilities with a native teacher either individual or in groups at the time of your choosing.

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