More than 40 Company to Country Communication Solutions

People, companies and the world are separated by languages. That is why being able to speak other languages not only overcomes these barriers but also unites different cultures and solidifies business endeavors. Krauss Language Solutions offers more than 40 solutions for the most important 40 languages worldwide.

In a global economy, personal, professional and business success is impossible without mastering other languages. The Krauss Language Solutions method is supported by top-of-the-line specialists and recognized worldwide, precisely at a time when new technologies are shrinking the world. With the Krauss method breaking down language barriers is guaranteed.


In more than 40 languages:


-GERMANIC GROUP: English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Afrikaans, Danish, Norwegian

-ROMANCE GROUP: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Galician


-SLAVIC LANGUAGES: Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian

-INDO-IRANIAN GROUP: Hindi-Urdu, Bengali, Farsi


SINO-TIBETAN: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, modern Tibetan, Karen

KRA-DAI: Lao, Thai

AFRO-ASIATIC: Arabic, Hebrew

TURKIC: Turkish


-Ugric languages: Hungarian

-Finnic languages: Finnish, Estonian

ALTAIC: Japanese, Korean

HELLENIC: Greek (modern)


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Worldwide leaders in teaching languages

Own method

Krauss can help you master a language with in-person classes or remotely  (via videoconference, video calls or telephone calls) with native speaking teachers.

We also offer live translation services prepared by translators who are professionals in the field of interest and native speakers of the target language, as well as simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation services in person or via videoconference, all to make sure a language is never a barrier for developing professional or business relations with individuals, companies or organizations in foreign countries.


Enrolling or requesting any of our language services is quick and easy. Plus it is an experience you will not forget and we are sure you will want to repeat.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have using one of the means found in the Contact Us section. We exist to satisfy our clients.

Since its founding in 1994 our company has been constantly expanding with offices in Europe, United States and Mexico, offering the best live and online services for communicating people.

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is knowledge and we use the latest technology to accomplish this objective. Our goal is to solve our clients’ needs with proven efficiency and quality by providing integral solutions anywhere in the world through teaching, interpreting and translating.


The Krauss team is made up of highly qualified professionals in different countries who combine their extensive experience in training with the successful use of new technologies that enables them to accomplish their goals by developing personalized programs adapted to the specific needs of companies, schools, adults or children.

Krauss Language Solutions® offers expert language teachers throughout the world. Our academic advisors include professionals, creators of innovative methods and internationally recognized leaders. Our interpreters and translators all have the required certifications and are specialized in the fields most demanded by companies, governments and industry.

Pilar Mejia, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Krauss Language Solutions