«Por qué España puede atraer a emprendedores innovadores»  (diario Expansión)

Pilar Mejía, directora general de Krauss Language Solutions, nos cuenta en este artículo publicado en el diario Expansión por qué decidió emprender en España. Puedes leer el artículo completo aquí.




On Tuesday evening Pilar Mejía moderated yet another successful networking and roundtable event which took place at the Madrid International Lab.
The event, ‘Branding: the key to internationalisation’, featured three mass media, social media and internationalization experts who shared their internationalization approach on a marketing level:
Guillermo Criado: Partner at Silex.
Juan Millán: Gedeth Network Managing Partner.
David Gómez: Social Media Strategist at Gedeth Network .
The speakers discussed all aspects, from why branding is important to where to go, which markets to target and the suitable products and services. Furthermore, how to prepare yourself for going global in terms of protecting your brand and product via trademarking, and also the importance of translating your website into the target markets language in order to maintain the essence of your brand.
Moreover, it was also discussed how marketing digitally, via social media, can help companies reach global markets for free, which let’s face it, during this economic downturn is a blessing.
To conclude, it was a huge success and as always Krauss Language Solutions were thrilled to not only be part of the event, but also surrounded by a buzz of brilliant energy and zest for business and global expansion.

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